Simple, Digital Signage Solutions from Genee World

Simple, Digital Signage Solutions from Genee World

If you are looking for a simple, digital signage solution to manage content across multiple locations, then look no further!

Genee World’s Signage Live Bundles allows users to manage and schedule their content and how it is displayed across multiple screens, in the same venue or from further afield.
Genee Partner ‘Signagelive’ are experts in cloud-based digital signage technology which helps automate digital advertising processes. In this digital age of printing less and communicating more through digital means, digital signage is a powerful advertising tool for increased consumer engagement.
The easy to use, intuitive software requires no installation as all you need is a web-browser and a display screen. The web-based control panels allows companies to control the content of each individual screen from anywhere in the world. This nifty software platform provides an interactive dimension to an otherwise static signage application, thus delivering an engaging and effective digital signage experience to consumers.
Our digital signage solutions provides full support for various content formats including static images, HD video, web/intranet pages, IPTV streaming, image layering, RSS feeds, multi-zoning for different media types, portrait support and screen on and off control. It also comprises optional proof of content and delivery functionality for better network and campaign management.

Key Features of signagelive:

  • Upload images and video either directly or from a host of third party sources
  • Display an IPTV stream, webpage or intranet page
  • 300 background templates to choose from or design your own
  • Drag and drop playlist creator
  • Preview and save playlists ready to be published
  • Manage media on any device with an internet connection and a display screen
  • Manage content from HQ and/or locally at the screen location
  • Monitor performance on all registered devices
  • Produce relevant reports
  • Automatically update changes

To empower education environments, Genee World have bundled a single user license of Signage Live with two of our top selling Pro Monitor Displays to provide a one-stop starter solution.

Visit our website and find out more information on our Signage Live bundle opportunities and how they can transform your environment and digital messaging.

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