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Simply Smarter Collaboration – X Series

TRUTouch X Series - The complete conferencing tool Designed to fit within any contemporary business setting, boardrooms and collaborative meetings are transformed with the TRUTouch Touchscreens, using the latest PCAP panel technology, they allow presenters to annotate with ease and produce an array of interactive presentations. Interchangeable front-facing cameras, omnidirectional microphones and front-facing speakers, allow [...]

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Differentation and the role technology plays – Ranjit Singh QA Education Article

Most classrooms in the UK today are mixed ability, which means that teachers need to be able to effectively cater for each and every pupil, so that no one is left behind. But how do we achieve this? Ranjit Singh from Genee World explores how technology can help improve the learning experience and engage the whole class… Read the [...]

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Introducing our new Learn-Hub software to enhance gamification in the classroom

Introducing Genee World’s new software release of Learn-Hub, NEW to 2016. What is it? Learn-Hub is brand new software developed by Genee World specifically for primary school teaching. Combining collaborative learning and gamification, Learn-Hub provides a selection of adaptive multiuser activities including Word Search, Quiz, Matching Activities, Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition, and Number Grids. Who is [...]

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Simple, Digital Signage Solutions from Genee World

If you are looking for a simple, digital signage solution to manage content across multiple locations, then look no further! Genee World's Signage Live Bundles allows users to manage and schedule their content and how it is displayed across multiple screens, in the same venue or from further afield. Genee Partner ‘Signagelive’ are experts in [...]

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A new range of digital signage available from Genee World

Genee World, the Midlands-based manufacturer of interactive displays and devices, has announced the launch of the G-Display range of high-quality digital signage displays. G-Displays include a video wall, a freestanding digital poster and professional screens. G-Display Video Walls are comprised of 46” screens, which enable you to achieve a seamless video wall however big you [...]

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Genee World launch new range of interactive tablets

Genee World has announced the launch of the G-Tab, a range of new high-quality, cost-effective tablets for the education and corporate sectors. The G-Tab range supports Android and currently tablets are produced in two sizes, 8” and 10”. All tablets come with   a specially design case with a built-in keyboard. The high-definition screen offers 8” & [...]

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Genee World launch interactive touch tables for the corporate market

Genee World has announced the launch of the G-Touch Table. The G-Touch Table is designed to give corporate and retail environments a high-tech look, while allowing visitors in reception areas, stores and showrooms access to company and product information, the internet and entertainment. The high-quality interactive touchscreen table comes in four designs and can be [...]

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To complement its range of touchscreen tablets Genee World launches range of tablet charging trolleys for schools Genee World has announced the launch of the Genee Charger Units, a range of charging units designed to work in conjunction with its range of Genee Tab interactive touchscreen tablets. Genee Charger Units have been produced to help [...]

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Genee World is pleased to announce the launch of the Genee Shard interactive touchscreen kiosk range. Aimed at the retail, hospitality, leisure, finance and travel industry, the Genee Shard range offers high-quality signage and customer interaction. “We are extremely excited about launching the Shard range.” Said Ranjit Singh, CEO, Genee World “The kiosks complement the Genee range [...]

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Announcing the Elite II visualiser

Genee World are pleased to announce the Elite II top-of-the range Genee Vision visualiser. Elite II uses a high-quality CMOS camera mounted to an arm. With a powerful zoom, focus and 1080P HD ready visualisers can be used to capture still images or video. It also has adjustable lighting and a LCD viewing panel, so [...]

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