Audience response system support

Audience response system support 2017-05-12T11:23:41-04:00

We want customers to get the most out of our audience response systems so we have put together a range of helpful resources to assist you

If you experience difficulties using any of our audience response systems, please try browsing through the below files for online assistance.

Genee Pad – Quick Start Guide
iQ-Pad – Quick Start Guide
Pebble – Quick Start Guide
Virtual G Pad – Manual
ClassComm – Quick Guide
CensUs – User Guide

Audience Response System FAQs

ClassComm (v: 5.4.0)Request Latest Version

Cens Us (v: 2.8.0)Request Latest Version
2.8.0 updates: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Support, Pebble Pad Support added (Only for Spontaneous Question Presentation), PowerPoint 2010 support and Improved localisation. Release Notes

Class Comm 5 Backup and Restore Tool Walkthrough