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Discover Genee’s Interactive Classroom Solutions

The Genee range of interactive solutions incorporate both software and hardware. Our key products include Interactive Touchscreens, Mini-PC’s, Visualisers, Audience Response Systems, BYOD Tablets and a Visitor Management Solution.

Our Software has been designed specifically for teachers and includes a huge array of lesson specific titles including, Spark, Project Flow, ClassComm, Cubeshare and Genee Explorer.

Our products work together to create a Complete Interactive Classroom Solution providing teachers with everything they need to engage with their students and provide collaborative lessons.

Genee products can be purchased via an array of technology resellers within the UK, and are used in over 30 countries wordwide.

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A Word From Our Founder

“As a former Deputy Headteacher I understand what teachers need to empower their lessons and engage with their students. Genee provide a Complete Classroom Management Solution that addresses those needs, and keeps usability as simple as possible.”

Ranjit Singh

Best of the Best

Genee increase warranty to 5 years

Robust and ready to go. That’s how we describe our G-Touch screens and that is why we are so confident in our products to be increasing our warranty to 5 years! The best of the best!

Teachers using our screens and software know they can rely on Genee to provide the best presentation experience available. The G-Touch range is manufactured using professional grade LED panels and every single component is guaranteed for a minimum of five years.

Here at Genee, we pride ourselves on providing a product designed to be robust and perform consistently every day. If you do experience a problem, we’ll be there to help you. If our technical support team can’t solve your problem remotely, we’ll come and fix it while it is still on your property.

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